Friday, 16 November 2012

Edinburgh Evening News: dòigh nas fhèarr air bruidhinn riutha

Nochd an litir seo san Edinburgh Evening News air 14 Samhainn 2012:

to Edinburgh Evening News

No Respect Shown to Gaelic Tongue

 It is disappointing to note that your columnist John Gibson, (News October 10 th), offers yet another unreasoned attack on Gaelic.
Spending on Gaelic is modest. Gibson might reasonably ask if it delivers value for the language. Instead he chooses to denigrate its speakers.

The Gaelic Language Act 2005 attempts to achieve some parity of esteem between Gaelic and English. We might wonder, though, what kind of respect Gaelic speakers can have for Gibson's language, English, if he has none for theirs?

English, the cant of corrupt politicians who conduct illegal wars and claim illegal expenses; the jargon of spaced out pilots who bomb innocents at worship and massacre wedding parties.

English, the unfathomable babble of perverts, pederasts and popular entertainment; of cover-ups, show trials and the sleekit subversion of standards in public life.

English, a stagnant culture of recycled radio drivel and rubbish TV, that parades skeletal models clothed in unaffordable fripperies while other women watch their children starve. A language that describes genocide as 'famine'. The language of big business, bankers bonuses and, on Gibson's example, bad journalism.

John Campbell
Oak Cottage


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