Tuesday, 20 November 2012

SPL keen to promote Gaelic (who writes this rubbish?)

Another great day for the vibrant, forward-looking, clear-eyed, clean-limbed Gaelic language on Friday when Scotland's far-famed and endlessly-admired Scottish Premier League graciously allowed  thrusting, young, going-places channel BBC Alba to televise three live matches:


"We look forward to growing our relationship with BBC Alba to promote Clydesdale Bank Premier League football, and the Gaelic language, even further over the next two seasons." - Neil Doncaster.

Impressed by this ridiculous cant? Me neither. Hear Stuart and Tam give the preposterous idea, that the SPL signed the deal in order to promote Gaelic, a right good kicking at:


Only 5 days left to listen!

Gilleasbuig Aotrom is proud to be banned from Iomairtean Gàidhlig, "open" facebook group for "naidheachdan agus beachdan mu iomairt na Gàidhlig" (as long as the beachdan are not critical of the Gaelic establishment)


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