Sunday, 29 September 2013

Gilleasbuig modestly admits responsibility for census results

Historic moment for Gaelic as further 2.2% fall in number of speakers confirms remarkable growth of language

A rèir brath bho Chunntas-sluaigh Alba (faic td 26), tha poileasaidhean 'Illeasbuig a thaobh blogadaireachd Gàidhlig air tighinn gu buil mu dheireadh thall.

Thuirt Mgr Aotrom an-dè, air a dhòigh:

"The remarkable growth of the language, evidenced by the further fall in speakers, cannot now be denied and is due in no small part to the blogging strategies developed by myself G Aotrom in my influential and acclaimed five-year plan, "Gaelic: Reversing into a Vibrant and Thriving Future".

"Further scrutiny of the numbers shows that the stunning resurgence of vibrant and indeed thriving Gaelic is spearheaded by the whopping 0.1% increase in satirical Gaelic blogs, and this is further confirmation if any were needed that our strategies are paying off".

Ewen MacTeagle, CEO of GA Blogging Solutions, said: 

"Now that's what I call vibrant & thriving!"


  1. Tha Ulla Kollèl a' deanamh toileachais leis na h-aireamhan mora mora

  2. Tha nas motha dhen ògraidh a' bruidhinn na Gàidhlig na mar a bha decih bliadhna air ais ( fo fiche ).

    Tha dòchas an sin, tha mi a' smaoineachadh.

    Sruth a' chaolais

  3. I think shite professional vets should be rooted out. My grandpa dealt with dying and sick animals in the auld way - the kind of 'bottom up' approach without any state help.