Monday, 20 January 2014

Aren't Gaelic websites wonderful?

Celebrating làraichean-lìon Gàidhlig - oir 's fhèairrde duine gàire

An t-seachdain sa, chòrd a' website ùr aig Skills Development Scotland ri Gilleasbuig buileach glan. [Gu mi-fhortanach ged-tà chaidh na howlers a bu mhios' a chàradh bhon uair sin! - Gilleasbuig, 31/01/14]

Ahem … time to skill up, Skills Development Scotland!

And there was more!


Who could fail to have been impressed by the moving choice of words in this stirring call to arms before they changed it, showing that Gaelic is a vibrant and contemporary part of our culture and  communities as someone said who was paid to say that?


  1. Maybe the most unusual thing is that the video is all in English. There is a button to click that looks like it might take the user to a Gaelic version but all it offers is what seems to be a translation into Gaelic of a transcription of the comments made in English!