Thursday, 2 January 2014

Gilleasbuig looks forward to 2014

Fàisneachd 'Illeasbuig, am fiosaiche, airson na bliadhna Gàidhlig a tha romhainn

Ann an 2014:

  • A man in a smart suit will present an award to another man in a smart suit, saying "This has been a landmark year for Gaelic";

  • Celtic Connections/ BBC Alba's new soap/ the Blas Festival [add to list as necessary] will be declared a resounding success, demonstrating that Gaelic is a vibrant and contemporary part of our culture and communities;

  • Gilleasbuig Aotrom will be nominated for a Gaelic Award (OK, this is a long shot I admit)

Meanwhile, shìos mun a' pholl-mòna:


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