Saturday, 17 May 2014

Fèisism - 25 glorious years

"A success story to be told and celebrated"  

An seachdain-sa bha Gilleasbuig air a bheò-ghlacadh leis an aithisg iongantach 25 bliadhna de na Fèisean, agus bu thoil leis mòran taing a channail ri Bòrd na Gàidhlig airson fios a sgaoileadh ann an twitter mun aithisg (ged is ann an 2006 a chaidh a foillseachadh).

Na broinn: "The astonishing effects of fèis participation" (td 56)

Nise, seo agaibh feadhainn dhe na h-àrd-mholaidhean a nochd san aithisg-sa:

"[Attendance at Fèis] demonstrated the futility of Gaelic as a living language" 
- male, 24 (td 30)

"My children learn some (Gaelic) through songs but they aren't taught to understand it which is a pity".
- female, 54 (td 30)

"The Gaelic language should be used much more by the tutors and participants. For the most part I find the use of Gaelic at Fèisean tokenistic and piece-meal". 
- male, 34 (td 30)

"One negative thing might be the fact that alcohol and drugs play a big part in the music scene, and in Fèisean, too. Many young musicians (many of who regularly go to Fèisean) believe that you have to drink heavily, smoke, and take drugs to be "real" musicians. Tutors don't seem bothered about being drunk in front of their students …" 
- female, 32, "devotee" (td 31)

"(The Fèis) undermines the need for the provision of adequate long-term music and Gaelic teaching in schools as the Council think this can now be the role of the Fèis". 
- male, 29 (td 31)
Astonishing gu dearbh, abair fhèin e! Nise, sin feadhainn dhe na h-àrd-mholaidhean a b'fhèarr a thugadh seachad a-riamh ann an saoghal leasachaidh. Is beag an t-iongnadh gun tuirt an luchd-rannsachaidh sa co-dhunadh aca:
"What was ‘abundantly clear’ to the organisers of Fèis Barraigh in 1981 is vindicated by the results of this study: 25 years on from this first Fèis, the fruitfulness of the approach pioneered on Barra and propagated by the growing Fèis movement and Fèisean nan Gàidheal is clearly evident. It is a success story to be told and celebrated". 

An do shaoil sibh riamh nach canadh iad sin?

Mìle taing a mhuinntir a' Bhùird, airson aire 'Illeasbuig a tharraing don t-seann aithisg ionmhalta seo! "Report details the positive effect of the Fèis movement on Gaelic music" dha-rìribh, dìreach mar a tweetig sibh!


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