Thursday, 3 July 2014

A' Ghàidhlig: awareness-raising soars to new depths

In this very special blog, one of the finest exponents of Gaelic satirical blogging in the world shares with you his vision regarding minority-language status (how not to enhance it)  

Cha chan Gilleasbuig càil mus can e cus!

Gilleasbuig would like to extend many sincere thanks to Highland Council for this wonderful brochure:

Anyone for a trip inside a Highland Council ranger?
Agus anns "Na Moireibh" ge'r bith càite bheil sin ...

Yet more from the same rich source …

Thighearna, an deach innse do mhuinntir Ghallaibh?

And finally, a great favourite of Gilleasbuig's from the Scottish Parliament Building:

Gilleasbuig: Hmmm … can't find this one
in Nicolson's Gaelic Proverbs

Beachd 'Illeasbuig?

"Tokenism - is claidheamh dà fhaobhair e"


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