Sunday, 31 August 2014

Dear Clì Gàidhlig, "21st century voice of adult Gaelic learners"

"Dear Clì Member" replies to that circular 

Dear Clì Gàidhlig Person

Gilleasbuig thanks you for your recent letter addressing him as Dear Clì Member. Since your letter is solely in English he assumes this is your preferred means of communication.

Gilleasbuig regrets that you have ceased publication of the magazine, Cothrom, but notes that you are delighted to thoughtfully furnish him with some information about the new online magazine, the final edition as edited by Ruairidh MacIlleathain.

He notes that you intend to move to a paperless line of communication and therefore require up-to-date e-mail addresses for your members.

Gilleasbuig will, however, not be furnishing you with this information any time soon as he cancelled his direct debit some time ago and ended his fifteen-year membership.

The reason for this is that he was fair scunnered by:

a) the way Cothrom was suddenly pulled in December last year without any convincing explanation being offered, or even any discussion at the AGM immediately beforehand;
b) the airing by BBC Banalba in April this year of thon self-congratulatory whitewash of a documentary, "30 Years of Clì" or something, in which the Gaelic chumocracy lined up to praise Clì and Cothrom while mysteriously forgetting to mention that the end of the magazine had been announced, not that it's a stitch-up or anything. 

Gilleasbuig regrets that he ever believed that Clì Gàidhlig was in some way a grassroots organisation answerable to its members. He does not know what distasteful jiggery-pokery went on behind the scenes, but can't help wondering how many issues of Cothrom could have been funded by the dosh blown on a certain social networking site.

Mustn't forget the tokenistic Gàidhlig bit at the end:

Leis gach dùrachd

Former Clì member.

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  1. The authorities probably spent the money they should have given to CLI for COTHROM on BLAS!'s latest 'Highland' celebration - how much do BLAS get?