Sunday, 7 September 2014

Packed programme in store for Gilleasbuig's autumn season

(Gilleasbuig has been reading too many Gaelic establishment press releases again)  

The programme for award-winning satirical Gaelic blogger Gilleasbuig Aotrom's autumn programme is soon to be announced.

As well as what is being described as a packed programme of traditional music and cèilidhs, the autumn season will build on previous successes while making great strides … blah … inspired by the wealth of creative talent in the Gaelic Arts … (continues in same vein)

In what is being hailed as an endorsement of Gilleasbuig as a cultural hub for the Highlands, the Kilbeg Highland Village Creative Industries Festival will open with the première of "Cha mhòr nach do sgeith mi", a specially-commissioned blog collaboration between Gilleasbuig, world-renowned musician Kylie Lochalsh and … blah … celebrating the links between community, language and identity … drone … Inverness Gaelic Choir … etc … vibrant & thriving cultural programme.

For the first time, guided minibus tours of what is being hailed as Gilleasbuig Aotrom Country will be available. In what is being described as a major cultural breakthrough local tourist organisation Visit Gilleasbuig has teamed up with Hieland Cooncil and organised a pop-up gallery, in partnership with Bòrd na Gàidhlig, with work for sale from local artists … drone … craft studios … fill in the blanks … responsible for the remarkable 0.1% rise in young Gaelic speakers.

In order to meet what has been described as a phenomenal increase in the demand for satirical Gaelic blogging, English-only followers will be provided with simultaneous translation at the mere touch of a red button … blah de blah … one of Gaelic blogging's great success stories.

Gilleasbuig says:

Sick and tired of ludicrous self-congratulatory press releases 
while nothing changes? It doesn't have to be like this! 

Another Scotland is possible.

Vote yes

Scotland, be brave

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