Thursday, 7 September 2017

The world-class and hauntingly lovely Gilleasbuig Aotrom

Cha robh Gilleasbuig a' toirt sùil aotrom air hyperbole Blas2017 a nochd 'sa phàipear bheag, oh cha robh idir ...


The finishing touches are being put to the organisation of this year's Blah! Festival, brought to you by the multi-award-winning Gilleasbuig Aotrom.

The Highlands' premier Gaelic blogger is about to delight his adoring fans once more with an autumn season of world-class blogging performances for which the reviews are written already.

The festival programme, specially curated by the mighty trad blogger, is certain to delight his many discerning fans, especially in the Highlands and the rest of the world, said a spokesperson (G. Aotrom).

As is well known, the famous festival has single-handedly made the great Gaelic blogging revival what it is today, according to festival organiser, the meteorically-rising Gilleasbuig Aotrom.

The culmination of this feast for the eyes will be a one-off reunion of mighty blogging supergroup Daft Archie, who will unveil their specially-commissioned "Gaelic? I don't speak it myself, but I'm told it's hauntingly lovely", which is already being hailed a masterpiece by a spokesman for Gilleasbuig Aotrom.

In what is being seen as a triumph for Gilleasbuig's celebrated style and distinctive approach, the all-time great blogger has been invited to perform in Sabhal Mòr's main hall ...

... ri leantainn an ath bhliadhna (agus an ath-thè)


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