Saturday, 15 February 2020

Cò tha a' moladh Bòrd na Gàidhlig? Thà, aithisg bhliadhnail Bòrd na Gàidhlig

It's not all bad for Bòrd na Gàidhlig ... Bòrd's own annual report lavishes praise on the Bòrd

A chàirdean, tha aithisg bhliadhnail Bhòrd na Gàidhlig a' sealltainn nan ceumannan mòra a rinneadh gus taic is brosnachadh a thoirt dhan Ghàidhlig agus a cultar ann an Alba, tha sinn a' leughadh an seo ann am bràth-naidheachd ga thoirt seachad le Bòrd na Gàidhlig.

Snippet bho chlàr-innse na h-aithisg

Tha Bòrd na Gàidhlig ag obair gu dlùth, tha sinn a' leantainn oirnn a' leughadh, le 70 ùghdarras poblach, agus tha planaichean Gàidhlig aontaichte aig 54 dhiubh sin. Anns an t-suirbhidh do luchd-ùidh, fhuair Bòrd na Gàidhlig 100% den luchd-freagairt a bha gu tur riaraichte no riaraichte gu ìre, agus cha robh gin aca a’ sealltainn mì-thoileachas sam bith.


Beul na fìrinne an sin, eh a chàirdean! Chan eil againn ach sùil aotrom a thoirt m' ar timcheall:

"There is substantial development required in the leadership of BnaG, particularly in relation to clarity, consistency and capacity of leadership. While training has been provided to the SMT [senior management team], a formal review to identify training needs of the SMT needs to be carried out. The SMT needs to improve their skills and competencies in relation to change management and organisational change, in order to respond to the issues facing the organisation. 
"There needs to be considerable changes in BnaG’s attitude in relation to openness and a clear focus on transparency. There is general consensus that the existing Committee structure and governance arrangements are not fit for purpose. In order to address these issues and ensure they do not recur, the Board needs to establish a programme for reflecting on its own performance and of the performance of the Committees in the organisation, in addition to assessing the performance of management.
"Board members and officers in general observe high standards of conduct and behaviour. The CEO is to be commended for her dedication to the organisation. However, there are several instances where standards of behaviour have fallen below acceptable levels with insufficient action to address these taken by the SMT or the Board itself. Such issues need to be dealt with appropriately to ensure that they do not recur".
- Report to the Audit & Risk Management Committee, the Board and the Auditor General for Scotland on the 2018/19 audit (Lùnasdal 2019)

"The issues identified by the auditor included: 
  • "Concerns over the structure, capacity, skills and effectiveness of the leadership team. Poor relationships between members of the leadership team meant a lack of cohesiveness in strategic decision-making. The auditors believed that these issues led to a lack of confidence and a culture of mistrust throughout the organisation.
  • "There was a lack of openness and transparency in decision-making within the organisation. All board and committee meetings are held in private. It can take several months for agendas and minutes of board meetings to be made available on the Bòrd's website. At the time of the audit (May 2019), the last agenda and minutes published were from June 2018". 

- The 2018/19 Audit of Bord na Gàidhlig, Auditor General's Report (Dùbhlachd 2019)

"What we're primarily interested in is value for money so if you've got a chief executive on about ninety [thousand] and the senior management team averaging about sixty-five thousand pounds, eh, for an organisation with a turnover of five million pounds, and reading the auditor's report - I mean, quite frankly an organization like this, a second-tier manager could run this in their tea break! You know, it's a small organisation, and yet it seems to be a total disaster!"
- Alex Neil, BPA (SNP), ball de Chomataidh Sgrùdaidh Pàrlamaid na h-Alba, a' bruidhinn air 16mh Faoilleach 'sa Phàrlaidh.

Tha e coltach Colin Beattie BPA air a dhòigh nas mò, oir 'san aon choinneamh dh' fhaighnich e mun Bhòrd an robh iad nan
"... enthusiastic amateurs who were way out of their depth, or just incompetent?"

Cha chan mi càil, oir thuirt mi tuilleadh 'sa chòir mar-thà! 
(Leithid seo ann an 2013)